tanisha doshi ex student of casa dei bambini kolkata preschool

Tanisha Doshi

“A teacher is someone who before opening the book, opens her heart.” I, Tanisha Doshi, was extremely privileged to begin my journey of learning through the esteemed institute of “Casa-Dei-Bambini Montessori House, Kolkata.” Entering the gates with tears and cries and leaving with utmost self-confidence is what this institute has given to it’s children.

Rote learning has never been a part of our curriculum, thus experiential learning has always been this institute and it’s teacher’s first priority. Hence as a student I can proudly say, “Yes! I’ve always learnt from my mistakes.” The ambiance here at CDB has always been so enchanting and enriching that no matter which age group you belong to you will always wish to learn more.

Currently I’m pursuing my graduation from the Loreto College Kolkata and my teacher’s training diplomas from CDB under the guidance of the Director Principal, Mrs. Santwana Basu, a teacher who is so much more than a parent, friend and a guide. Someone with her sense of responsibility and understanding combined with a sense of humility yet firmness is very hard to find. Thankyou for shaping me for who I am today.
Lastly to this institute and it’s teachers…Thankyou for helping me come out of my shell and take my first step towards success. LONG LIVE Casa-Dei-Bambini Montessori House, Kolkata!