best montessori school in kolkata
Best Montessori School in Kolkata

Casa – Dei – Bambini Montessori House is a well – ventilated, carefully prepared environment designed to meet the needs and interests of the children.

– Teachers are all Montessori trained.
– Flexible curriculum for the children of 21st century.
– Should not hurry but confidently obey the eternal rhythm.

Casa – Dei – Bambini, an Institution devoted to early learners was started in January, 2001 and has successfully followed the Montessori Method – contributing sincerely to a child-centric system of education in the most formative years & crucial years of a Child’s Development. Casa – Dei – Bambini is going to conduct its 14th MTC and First Primary TTC Dual Diploma courses from July, 2017. Our trainers are all experienced educators from West Bengal Kolkata.