Santwana Basu

M.A. (Psychology) Montessorian (Calcutta Montessori Training Centre)

• Having 10 years experience in Teaching Profession in a Montessori house.

• Presently Working at Casa-Dei-Bambini Montessori House as Headmistress.

• Experience in conducting workshop at DPS (DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL) , Guwahati.

• Worked as a consultant is South Point School ,Guwahati from 2004-05.

• Worked at Shillong (Seven Set School) as a consultant in the year 2005-06.

• Worked at Agartala Babiz’ Growing Montessori House as a consultant from 2007-09.

• Attached as a coordinator with the Montessori Training Course by the CHIP (child in pain – NGO) FROM 2007.

• Experience at Sikkim -“Human Development Foundation of Sikkim”. Teachers’ orientation programme

• Experience in the Montessori Training programmes at Casa-Dei- Bambini from 2010.

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