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Psychologists all over the world have for sometime acknowledged that the age between 0-6 years is the most crucial period in human growth and development. The growth rate emotionally, psychologically, physically and mentally during this period is so phenomenal that it is never again duplicated during the span of human life. Over 80% to 85% of human developments in the varied spheres, mentioned above, take place during this stage. Just as the ability to speak and express oneself, along with the motor ability to balance on one’s two feet and walk within two years of a child’s life opens vast horizons for them, the desire for intellectual stimulus and emotional and psychological stability are areas in which they grope for development and security.

This is where the Montessori Method of teaching fulfils the child’s terms. It has been successfully proved, through many schools abroad and some schools here, that this method of teaching, which is based on the scientific assessment of each child’s growth rate, is the most fruitful of all methods of child development. Each child is permitted to develop at his pace since there is no uniform pace of growth for all children. The apparatus and methodology of this method of education develop the child intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and through self-discipline in a manner which satisfies his curiosity of all things new and different. The vast energies with which a child is born are channelized constructively into paths of learning and not destructively into self indulgence and selfishness.

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